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Name:High-frequency aluminum oxide and electrolytic rectifier power supply
一、Product use
●Applicable to aluminum, magnesium, titanium and alloy material of hard anodized and polishing stainless steel surface treatment process。
二、Product characteristics
●This product is made from ordinary high-frequency rectifier plating power supply based on the special power supply, the output voltage in 18 v - 120 - v, have used common electroplating power supply function, is used in ordinary aluminum oxide and hard aluminum oxidation process of ideal product 。
●With much step ladder to electricity, multi-step soft start time setting, automatic reset and other functions, can meet different process requirements。
●The power supply voltage current limiting or steady flow pressure limiting function, control and display accuracy of 1% or lesss。
●Control system can choose the digital control and analog control or RS485 communication control, also can do 4-20 ma, 0 to 10 v standard interface control signal。
三、Product technical indicators
●The input voltage: three phase four wire AC380V plus or minus 15%
●Output voltage: 18v-120 v or less
●Output current: 10 a - 15000 - a
●Control accuracy: 1% or less rating
●Operation mode: Voltage or steady flow
●Cooling: Air cooling
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